Day 110 – 2014 (Goodbye)

I’m making this my last Make a Day entry cutting my little project short. It’s been fun trying to make something everyday over the past four months but it has also been tiring and often a chore to find the time everyday to do it (and to do it well). Next year my work load is more and my free time less so I thought it sensible to end the project now rather than drag it on with things I’m not happy with. I’d certainly like to revisit some of the stuff I’ve come up with and either expand or improve them (especially the music/sounds) so I may post some of them up when I do.

….till then, Happy New Year to everyone!!


Day 109 – Frank O’Hara Openings


If the quick armory ghinkos love,
Lunch is instant in happy dirt.

(It wouldn’t come when
I am wondering in Port Lligat.)


No wending on America classique passed today in abashed feet,
(Everything behind New York collapsed).

Day 107 – Glowing Lights

I’ve been suffering from flu for the last couple of days so have spent the majority of time in bed. Having left my laptop on standby whilst having a snooze earlier I noticed how calming the standby light on macs are. They slowly fade up and down in a pale glow and I can only imagine the calmness that comes from this motion is in its similarity to breathing.

I started thinking about where this calming light motion could be used and decided that emergency services vehicles would be a good place. Whenever a police car, ambulance, fire engine etc. is not attending to an emergency their lights would resort to this slow increasing and decreasing glow. I believe this would prove to be beneficial to places like busy cities as when not creating a big display of an urgent situation these vehicles could at least emit a sense of calm.