Day 16 – Canon Music

Three instrumentalists who are able to walk with their instruments are set in a hall or large room. They are spaced out so that they are as far away from each other as possible. They are given a simple melody to play in cannon. Once the three part cannon is set the three players have to try and morph their melody so that all three players are playing the melody in unison. Whilst they are doing this they slowly move to the centre of the room. Their distance from the centre of the room should correspond with how close they are to getting their melodies in sync, meaning that they should all reach the centre of the space only once they have synchronised their melodies. Once this has been achieved the three instrumentalists have to go back to their original starting positions and morph their melodies back into the original cannon they had formed. The morphing of the melody should only be done by either stretching or shortening notes (i.e. players are not allowed to just stop playing the melody and then enter again at the same time as one of the other players).

The audience members are situated within the space and are encouraged to walk around throughout the performance.


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