Day 38 – Path Music

I would like to use a trail of musicians positioned above and below ground to create a walk-through sound installation.

The musicians would be lined up one next to each other following a pre-designated path (perhaps 1 musician every 2 meters for 50 meters). Those positioned underground in a tunnel would have funnels/openings up to the surface that would carry the sounds the musicians were making. Above the pathway would be a suspended platform perhaps 5 meters off the ground. On this platform would be another line of musicians who would be playing their music through another set of funnels/openings that would face down towards the audiences’ pathway.

As people walk along the path they would be hearing sounds from both above and below. Each musician would be playing a short looping phrase which when strung together would create a fully structure piece of music. Therefore, how quickly or slowly people walked down the path would affect their experience of the music (likewise, the music would change depending on which direction they walked the path).


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