Day 59 – Charity Shop Party

A nondescript party is organised and everyone is invited. The only rule for entry is that you must create an alternate personality from objects found in a charity shop.

Your starting point may be a music record that you’ve found. Using your selected piece of music you pick a costume that is either of the same era or has some significant association with the music. A book is then chosen that some how links in with your costume and music (again it could be from the same era or have another relationship with your other found objects). From your chosen book you must select a fragment or fragments of text that will become your character’s monologue.

At the party everyone comes in their costume with their chosen book and piece of music. The music is given to the DJ and when the DJ plays your music you must get up in front of everybody and perform your monologue (charity shop props are also allowed). While watching others perform their monologue to their music you are looking for someone who fits in with your character and his/her objects. Without telling anyone who you’ve selected on the next playing of that person’s music you must join their performance and try and turn your individual monologues into a conversation.

The whole night consists of everybody’s music being played on loop and as the night goes on the performances get more elaborate, the characters more defined and new relationships between all the characters at the party are formed.


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