Day 76 – Musical Clock Cult

This evening I randomly thought how it would be cool if there was a musical clock that was created for religious/cultural reasons. The mechanics of a clock would be adapted to incorporate tuned strings, perhaps similar to ones found on a tamboura or sitar. The hour hand would be connected to large, low frequency strings that would create a drone that changed for each new hour (probably in small chromatic or micro-tonal steps). The minute hand would be connected to mid-frequency strings that would add colour and harmony to the hour-hand drone (again, every minute the collection of strings being played would change to create a shifting harmony). The second hand of the clock would play much higher pitched strings, having sixty different strings for each second. After every minute one of these strings would change so that it would take sixty minutes to create a new set of notes (fully changing in time for the new hour drone).

I like the idea of this elaborate and complex piece of machinery being like a holy object that requires its own room either within a temple or somebody’s home. No other clocks would exist within this cult and no artificial time keeping of any kind would be allowed or desired. The concept of time would not feature in these peoples’ day to days lives as they would hold the belief that there exists no past or future only a perpetual ‘now’. The room with the musical clock in would be almost like a space for contemplation and perhaps the ‘clock’ would not actually be a visible thing with numbers and hands at all. For followers of this religion/cult/culture, the concept of time would only ever exist within this space and would only ever be directly related to sound and music.

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