Day 91 – Edible Music

I’d like to create some sort of musical device that involves food and eating.

 One idea would be to create a form of music notation that involves licking notes. There would be an A4 sized washable board with a number of staves on it. With the board would come a special pen that could be filled with any edible liquid substance that could stick to the board (e.g. chocolate, food flavourings, jus etc.), you would then use the pen to put notes on the stave. The musical board would be a very simple touch-sensitive device that would recognise when the food substance was re-moved from a staff line and play the corresponding pitch when done so. How the music written on the board is played would be down to whoever was eating the edible notes. They may lick a note at a time or they might place their tongue on the board and swiftly wipe all the staves clean.


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